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The Chocolate Room
Famous Fondue

299.00 Rs. Onwards

chocolate fondue, fruite fondue, cheese foundue, and many more...


189.00 Rs.

Choc-date Pizza, hi-fiber pizza, rocky road pizza and many more...

Cafe Mocha

79.00 Rs.

Cafe mocha and many more...


109.00 Rs. Onwards

Chocolate rocher sundae, cho-fudge, blondie sundae ant many more...

about the chocolate room

The Chocolate Room is a chain of chocolatey café’s from Australia spreading its brand slowly across many countries. There is more than Chocolate in store for you, there’s hot chocolate, Choctails, Chocshakes, Frappes, Pancakes, Waffles and Fondues, besides a selection of Belgian bon bons handmade espcially for you.

Chocolate is good for you!

Besides its mood enhancing qualities, chocolate has been one of the most debated foods as far as its health values are concerned. Cacao in its pure form is one of the best antioxidants one could consume, and has other benefits too.

  • eat more chocolate - stay young!
  • eat more chocolate - stay healthy!
  • eat more chocolate - stay strong!
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